"Curious Landscapes" (2002-03) — artist statement

Aquarium 1 As soon as she realized she was dreaming, she started to fly It was the blue sky that carried her away that day His mind separated from his body... The lost souls walked the eternal shores...

She walked blindly into the forest... The unfortunate fate of the last bird Hyper-coloured Hybrids Wild Computer He climbed the mountain looking for truth...all he found was a rain cloud

It was the perfect place to practice the rare art of yogajesterate Anastasia spent a lot of time practicing to be a stumpy tree Right at that moment in an Australian gum forest Bat Boy contemplated his world domination It was time to say goodbye to Grandma Barichnikov didn't come

Robotman takes on a Kangaroo No one noticed the odd behaviour of the clouds that day Pastoral Landscape: 2050 Fatally sticky Australian gum tree Their drifting minds were quickly show down by the thought police

Dr.Seuss Flower Field Fishing for People


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