"Clones, Hybrids, and Techno-beasts" (2003-04) — artist statement

The Artist: Cloned Wool2 Mice and Men Multipled Mouse Mass'o'rama Techno-mouse

Mouse Mayhem Guinea, guinea...pig, pig Cloned Cow Stack Cloned Bunny Blanket Techno-rabbits

Techno-bunny A dalmation, her 100 clones, and their owner Cloned Scratch'n'Hatch Hybridity Zoo Hy-pets: Man's Best Friend of the Future

Installation: Clones, Hybrids, and Techno-beasts Techno-ClycopSasquatshi-Beast Techno-MuppetManitarian-Beast Techno-SpottedHyenate-Beast Techno-Viracious-Beast

Techno-WormyBeavus-Beast Wild Techno-bear Cloned-owl-gone-wrong eats cloned-mouse-gone-wrong Multi-ped Puppies The sealpupkitten eats Mr.Scampers

The family cat meets the new pets Greedy Junk Food Orangu-rats Absurd Bio-Engineered Burds


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